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So you’ve got a new Dell C2100 running a LSI 9260-8i and a drive craps out on you that was in a RAID5. Thus fa in order to replace it I’ve had to:

Figure out which virtual disk is having problems

>MegaCli64 -LDInfo -Lall -aALL
Adapter 0 -- Virtual Drive Information:
Virtual Drive: 0 (Target Id: 0)
Name                :
RAID Level          : Primary-5, Secondary-0, RAID Level Qualifier-3
Size                : 2.726 TB
State               : Degraded

Figure out which drive is having the issue

>MegaCli64 -pdlist -aall                           

Adapter #0

Enclosure Device ID: N/A

Slot Number: 0

Device Id: 0

Sequence Number: 6


Firmware state: Unconfigured(bad)

Looking for what ever is showing a firmware state not equal to “Online, Spun Up”. Thus far every time I’ve done this it’s been in a Unconfigured(Bad).

Figure out the Array and Row numbers that will be needed later for adding the new drive back in.

>MegaCli64 -pdgetmissing -a0
    Adapter 0 - Missing Physical drives

    No.   Array   Row   Size Expected

    0     0       0     571808 MB

All my failures have taken the drive out and I can find it this way rather than having to force it out.

Docs say the procedure to get ready replace is:

MegaCli -PDOffline -PhysDrv [E:S] -aN
MegaCli -PDMarkMissing -PhysDrv [E:S] -aN
MegaCli -PDPrpRmv -PhysDrv [E:S] -aN
For me E has no value and S is the slot number of the drive. So “MegaCli -PDoffline -PhysDrv [:0] -a0” would offline my first disk.
In practice though the disk has always been in a state where these steps are not needed. I do normally run through them anyway, and get the error responses back just to be sure.
Pop out the drive and replace.
Once new drive is in look for it’s info, be sure to get the new slot number for the drive

>MegaCli64 -PDList -aALL
We’ll say it came up as Slot 13
Next add if back to the RAID

>MegaCli64 -pdreplacemissing -physdrv [:13] -Array0 -row0 -a0
Adapter: 0: Missing PD at Array 0, Row 0 is replaced.
And start the rebuid

>MegaCli64 -pdrbld -start -physdrv [:13] -a0
Started rebuild progress on device(Encl-N/A Slot-0)
It should be rebuilding and bring itself back into the RAID when it’s done. There are a couple of commands to check on the progress

>MegaCli64 -pdrbld -showprog -physdrv [:0] -a0
Rebuild Progress on Device at Enclosure N/A, Slot 0 Completed 0% in 15 Minutes.
If you do a -progdsply instead of -showprog you will get a nice text ui display of time and rebuild percentage.

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